MK-dent ST06ED Perio Scaler Tip

EMS Thread Compatible · Stainless Steel w/Diamond-Like Carbon Coating

  • Perio Scaler Tip for EMS Threads
  • Stainless Steel with Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coating
  • Compatible with MK-dent scaler models – SC21E, SC21E2, SC21EL

65.00 (79.95 incl. VAT)

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MK-dent ST06ED Perio Scaler Tip: Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating makes the surface of MK-dent scaler tips extremely hard and highly resistant against abrasive wear. An up to 40% longer lifetime achieved compared to conventionally coated tips. Thanks to the anti-reflection (AR) surface, MK-dent scaler tips offer an optimum view. Operate precisely via perfectly regular vibrations in linear mode with a tight fit on the handpiece.

Reference: MK-dent ST06ED Perio Scaler Tip.

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