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Dental Surgical Handpieces

When you are looking a surgical handpiece, MF Dental can offer you a range of handpieces that will give you the precision, safety and flexibility required to meet all your dental surgical requirements.

Depending on your requirements, surgical handpieces come with a number of different options, including fibre-optics and gearing ratio, which are all worth considering before deciding on what handpiece is right for your surgical needs.

The NSK surgical handpieces offered online are compatible with standard ISO E-Type motor connections. They are available in both direct-drive and speed increasing and are also available with a 45-degree head for more access to the work area.

More advanced NSK surgical handpieces are also available, such as the NSK X-DSG20L (20:1), which requires connection to the NSK Surgic Pro Control Unit, offering Advanced Handpiece Calibration (AHC) of micromotor and handpiece in addition to numerous other Programmable Options.

We also have surgical handpiece options available from Bien-Air, offering state of the art handpieces for all your implant and surgical procedures. These handpieces connect directly onto the Bien-Air iChiropro and Chiropro control units, offering advanced technology to deliver speed and torque adjustments instantly along with a variety of Programmable Options for instruction and guidance.

If you are looking for the best dental surgical handpiece for sale, MF Dental can provide a range of handpieces from both NSK and Bien-Air. Handpieces currently for sale online are just a small range of handpieces on offer however if you require further information on surgical handpieces or need support selecting a suitable handpiece, please feel free to contact our office at +353 (0) 1 6284833.


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