Bien Air Bora 2 LED High Speed Handpiece

Standard Head · Fibre-Optic LED · Bien Air Unifix Connection

  • Standard Head, Quattro Spray
  • Bien Air Unifix Connection
  • Fibre-Optic LED
  • 20W Power
  • Swiss Engineered
  • 12-Month Warranty
  • Duo Pack Special Offer – Purchase 2x Bien Air Bora 2 LED handpieces for €1,100.00 (€1,353.00 incl. VAT). T&Cs Apply.

569.00 (699.87 incl. VAT)

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Exemplary Reliability and Enhanced Performance

The new design of the Bora 2 offers even better performance, whilst retaining the legendary reliability which has characterised previous versions since 1991.

More Powerful

With a 20% increase in both power and torque, the Bora 2 allows you to cut twice as fast.

Smaller Head

Thanks to its smaller head, which is less than 12-mm in diameter and just 13-mm long, the Bora 2 increases your field of vision and allows better access to the back of the mouth, for enhanced comfort.

More Robust

The head of the Bora 2 is made entirely from stainless steel. This increases its durability making it more resistant to impacts.

Accu-Spray Quattro Mix

To ensure better irrigation of the area being treated, the Accu-Spray Quattro Mix system has four asymmetrical air/water sprays which converge on the end of the bur, with laser precision. In combination with the LED lighting, perfect visibility of the oral cavity is guaranteed.

Reduced Risk of Cross Contamination

The only handpiece with a sterilizable anti-retraction valve is combined with the only coupling containing exhaust flow anti-retraction.

Cool Touch™ safety

Conveniently integrated into the head’s push button, this patented anti-heating technology is designed to maintain the instrument’s head at a safe temperature, thus significantly decreasing patient burn injuries.

Increased Precision

The Accu-Chuck PreciPlus chuck design ensures the most secure clamping of the bur. Noise is significantly reduced, thereby lending the Bora 2 unequalled practitioner and patient comfort.

Extended Service Life

The optimised design of the rotor and the new ceramic ball bearings with enhanced wear-resistance guarantee and extended service life 35% longer than the previous generation.

Freedom of movement

Thanks to its lightweight Unifix quick-connect coupling, which rotates 360°, and an easy-to-use secure release, the Bien-Air turbine/hose combination will prove a pleasant work companion.

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