Bien Air TORNADO S LK High Speed Handpiece

Small Head · Fibre-Optic LED · KaVo MULTIflex Connection

  • Small Head, 4-Spray Outlets
  • KaVo MULTIflex Connection
  • Fibre-Optic LED
  • 23W Power
  • Swiss Engineered
  • 24-Month Manufacturer Warranty

899.00 (1,105.77 incl. VAT)

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Protective Shield

They are protected by their own coat of armor. This new latest generation Protective Shield coating is scratch-resistant and able to withstand the rigours of intensive everyday use. The protection offered by this coating prevents all traces of wear on the surface of the turbine.

This shield, formed of a latest generation PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) treatment, is unique on the market. It provides extreme protection against damaging external actions.

Power is control

The Tornado are now the most powerful turbines of the brand thanks to its Steady Torque technology, which combines optimal air pressure distribution and exhaust flow.

Extended service life

The wear-resistant ceramic ball bearings guarantee an extended service life. Every Bien-Air turbine is individually, laser-balanced to perform at very high speeds with virtually zero vibration.


The combination of a perfectly balanced rotor with new ceramic ball bearings reduces vibrations and noise while increased power reduced procedure time. Something your patients are also sure to appreciate.

Reduced risk of cross contamination

The only handpiece with a sterilizable anti-retraction valve is combined with the only coupling containing exhaust flow anti-retraction.

Studies have proven anti-retraction valves considerably reduce the flow of fluids from the oral cavity back into the dental unit’s hoses. Alongside this, the protective Sealed Head mechanism reduces the aspiration of fluids into the instrument head.


Integrated into the push-button in the handpiece head, the patented Cool Touch heat-guard technology prevents a build-up of heat and reduces the risk of burns to your patients.

Nothing will hinder you

To ensure better irrigation of the area being treated, the Accu-Spray Quattro Mix system has four asymmetrical air/water sprays which converge on the end of the bur, with laser precision. The dual LED lighting of an intensity of 21’000 lux and a temperature of 5’000 Kelvin, reproduces daylight conditions, without producing reflection, to provide exceptional visibility of the work area.

Increased reliability & precision

The Accu-Chuck PreciPlus chuck design ensures the most secure clamping of the bur. Noises are significantly reduced, thereby lending the Tornado unequalled practitioner and patient comfort.

Freedom of movement

Thanks to its lightweight KaVo MULTIflex quick-connect coupling, which rotates 360°, and an easy-to-use secure release, the Bien-Air turbine/hose combination will prove to be a pleasant work companion.

Access to the mouth

Do you need even more visibility and access? With its compact head, the Tornadoˢ increases your field of vision and allows better access to the back of the mouth. the Tornadoˢ is specifically designed for the procedures with the most limited access.

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