Composite Instrument N.11 – DLC (Diamond-like Carbon)

Application: Restorative

Manufacturer: Coricama

45.58 (56.06 incl. VAT)

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A composite instrument with a DLC coating is designed specifically for working with composite materials in restorative dentistry. It is used for procedures such as composite filling placement contouring shaping and polishing. DLC coating increases the hardness and wear resistance of the instrument making it more durable and less prone to wear during composite procedures. The smooth DLC-coated surface reduces friction between the instrument and the composite material allowing for smoother manipulation and contouring. DLC coating has non-stick properties which minimizes the adherence of composite material to the instrument. This makes it easier to shape and place the composite without the risk of material sticking to the instrument. DLC coating resists the adhesion of debris and staining making the instrument easier to clean and maintain its hygiene.

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