NSK NAC-EC Contra Angle Handpiece

1:1 Transmission · CA-burs (Ø 2.35 mm) · Without Spray · Non-Optic

Triple Pack Offer

  • 1:1 Transmission
  • CA-burs (Ø 2.35 mm) – Latch Type Head
  • Without Spray
  • Non-Optic
  • 25,000 RPM
  • ISO E-Type
  • Manufactured in Japan
  • 12-Month Warranty
  • Pack Contents – NSK NAC-EC Slowspeed CA Handpieces (x3)
  • T&Cs Apply.

208.00 (255.84 incl. VAT)

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NSK EX-Series Slowspeed Handpieces

NSK NAC-EC Contra Angle Handpiece: The NSK NAC-EC slowspeed contra-angle handpiece is ideal for general applications. The latch-type head fits standard CA-burs (Ø 2.35 mm).

Optional Spray Nozzle

An optional spray nozzle (C032-701) allows connection for an external water spray. C032-701 is not included with the handpiece and if required, must be ordered separately.

Reference: NSK NAC-EC Contra Angle Handpiece.

Additional information


Direct Drive 1:1

Bur Size

CA (Ø 2.35mm)






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