NSK nano 95LS Contra Angle Handpiece

1:5 Transmission · FG-burs (Ø 1.6 mm) · Internal Water · Fibre-Optic

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  • 1:5 Speed Increasing Transmission
  • FG-burs (Ø 1.6 mm)
  • Internal Water, Quattro Spray
  • Fibre-Optic
  • 200,000 RPM
  • ISO E-Type
  • Manufactured in Japan
  • 12-Month Warranty

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Shorter, Perfectly Balanced

Lighter and perfectly balanced, “nano series” instruments are designed to be natural extensions of the clinician’s hand, ensuring smoother procedures. Even during implant operations that require delicate and precise movements, a “nano series” faithfully mirrors the user’s intent. NSK continues to challenge the limits of manufacturing and pioneer next-generation contra-angles.

Smart Miniaturization Enables Perfect Balance

NSK’s nano series preserves the high performance NSK contra-angles are known for, while these new instruments are approximately 10 percent smaller and lighter than conventional models. Yet, in combination with NLX nano micromotor nano series gives you the ease of manoeuvrability and accuracy you are used to from your air-turbine.

Perfect Balance

Reducing size and weight shifts the centre of gravity to an optimal position, dramatically reducing fatigue during procedures and improving your fingertip dexterity.

Smaller and Slimmer

nano95LS has smaller head and slimmer neck dimensions.


Microfilter to prevent particles from entering the water spray system to guarantee optimum water spray cooling at all times.

Titanium Body

Titanium body*. Light and very strong pure titanium is used for the body. The light handpiece reduces the burden on the hands during operations, and its enhanced hardness also improves its ability for autoclave sterilization. The biocompatible properties of titanium eliminate concern over allergies to metals.

*Titanium is used only for the exterior parts, and not for the interior.

Reference: NSK nano 95LS Contra Angle Handpiece.

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Speed Increasing

Bur Size

FG (Ø 1.6mm)






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